OTC Hearing Aids

We offer Free screening at our Gruene Road location during normal business hours ( no appointment required ) or you can schedule an appointment with a RxHearing audiologist here.  Don’t forget to get your 10 % discount by using this code at checkout!


Common signs you may be in need of a hearing aid:

Do you often have to ask people to repeat themselves? Are soft sounds
hard to distinguish? Do others complain that you watch television with the volume too loud? Do you find it hard to
understand conversations when there is background noise?Have people told you that you need Hearing Aids?

Why do hearing aids typically cost so much?

Unfortunately, deceptive sales practices are used by some audiologists to sell to people with varying types of hearing
loss. On most occasions, “Professional Fees” are attached to the sale of hearing aids, allowing the audiologist to mark
up the price considerably. RxHearing designs, manufacturers and programs their own hearing aids, which eliminates
the need for typical Industry fees and middlemen – we then pass these cost savings on to our Partners and Patients.

How long do my hearing aids last?

The life of a RxHearing Aid is about four years. Many hearing aids are still functioning well after four years, while others
may need a tuneup or repairs. As long as they are maintained properly and cared for, hearing aids can last many years

Do RxHearing Aids need programming?

RxHearing aids come factory pre-programmed with multiple listening memories The Audix series of devices have
Bluetooth connectivity, which allows the user to make adjustments to their hearing aids from their smartphone
(iPhone and Android). The AudixLife has it’s on Self-Testing and Self-Fitting feature that allows the hearing aids to be
custom fit to the User’s hearing loss.

How long does it take to get used to a hearing aid?

Each person’s experience will be different. Hearing aids can help you hear sounds you may have not heard for many
years. The brain needs time to adapt to any new information entering the ears. It usually takes about 30 days to adjust
to your hearing aids and recognize their benefit.

Do RxHearing Aids come with a Guarantee? Who do I contact for service?

All devices include a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee from the date of purchase. For Customer Service, please
email us at Support@RxHearing.com or call us toll free at 1-888-818-1388.

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